Monitoring Oncology Studies Training VIARES
Monitoring Oncology Studies Training VIARES

More than a Training

A Flexible Online Setup

Our setup enables you to complete this program either next to a full-time job or in a focused effort. 100% of the program is online and most of the training courses can be completed at any time.

Get Certified & Job Ready

On successful completion of this program, you will be certified and will have acquired knowledge, skills and competencies to start monitoring Oncology trials.

The VIARES Monitoring Oncology Studies for Clinical Research Associates program is more than just a training. It’s a life-changer!

Enjoy all our services during your program enrollment. 

  • modules including
    • e-learnings
    • assignments
    • knowledge checks
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Training Program

The VIARES program Monitoring Oncology Studies for Clinical Research Associates consists of thirteen fully self-paced learning modules. You will complete the following learning activities:

  • review the e-learning
  • practical exercise
  • take the module test
  • take the final exam

13 Modules – 150 Learning Hours – VIARES Certificate.

Successfully complete the 13 competency modules below to obtain your VIARES Academy Certificate.

  • Understand the characteristics of cell formation, the major causes of cancer and global impact of the disease
  • Examine the impact of Oncology studies and current treatment
  • Be able to discuss available treatments and objectives of treating cancer
  • Examine various cancer treatments and their adverse reactions
  • Explore alternative treatment options
  • Identify common cancer drug and cancer combinations
  • Thoroughly understand the relationship between risk and benefits of tumor therapies
  • Recognize chemotherapy drug types and different principles
  • Differentiate between cancer and uncontrolled tumor growths
  • Recognize the six major categories of cancer classifications
  • Understand components of medical terminology related to cancer
  • Be able to discuss Oncology trial schematics and understand the design features.
  • Be able to describe the four phases of Oncology studies.
  • Understand Endpoint requirements in Oncology
  • Recognize common clinical assessments related to oncology trials
  • Gain proficiency in reviewing clinical reports
  • Identify disease history and common Inclusion/Exclusion criterion
  • Define each line of therapy and understand the timing of each line
  • Understand dosing design in oncology studies
  • Recognize most common Adverse Events and be able to discuss clinical events related to oncology studies
  • Recognize common toxicities and understand the DLT process
  • Be able to discuss recruitment challenges in Oncology studies
  • Describe the screening and enrollment process
  • Understand the role of the medical monitor and various key members during screening process
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Clinical Reports and Source
  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Distinguish between RECIST 1.0 and RECIST 1.1
  • Utilize appropriate oncology disease progression algorithms
  • Understand disease progression
  • Prepare for challenges with site structure and Delegation of Responsibility at oncology sites 
  • Describe key site staff and associated roles
  • Discuss the key function of site staff
  • Learn Sponsor/CRO expectations of Oncology Monitors
  • Understand the stress and pressures of monitoring oncology studies
  • Learn time saving techniques while monitoring

Download the full Monitoring Oncology Studies training program to view more details about each module and view testimonials from past participants.

Khilna S VIARES CRA Academy Clinical Research Training
Elizabeth R
VIARES Graduate
"The VIARES Academy training has been exceptional - VIARES' investment in their students goes above and beyond.""
Khilna S. VIARES Graduate


You can start the training right away and complete it at your own pace. This training contains 150 hours of online material and you have up to 12 months to complete it.

You do not need to wait for a kick-off date, you can start your training anytime  – as early as today if you wish.

Your expert trainer

Patricia Hollis

Who should attend

This program is designed for people who wish to advance their career as Oncology Clinical Research Associate.

Is this academy right for me? We are happy to help you make the right decision.
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Training fees

Our plans have two things in common – they cover your individual needs and are affordable.

The fee includes:

  • registration fee
  • all online-training course material, 100% online available in our learning management system
  • module check points (mini-exams during the training to test your knowledge)
  • end-term exam
  • VIARES certificate upon successful completion of the end-term exam

get all VIARES benefits:

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  • get automatically accepted as Ambassadors and earn cash
  • join career events at no cost
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  • get your personal career coaching

7-Day Guarantee

It’s risk-free to join this VIARES training course as you’re protected through a full 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the training we’ll give you a full, unconditional refund.

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"The VIARES Academy training has been exceptional - VIARES' investment in their students goes above and beyond."
Khilna S VIARES CRA Academy Clinical Research Training
Khilna S
VIARES Graduate