Step #2: Get Trained & Certified

This is a step that most candidates either forget or decide to ignore.

As experienced recruiters in Clinical Research, we can tell you that this makes a real, huge difference:

Step #2 to getting your dream job is: Get Trained and Certified.

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Step #1: Set Clear Goals
Step #2: Get Trained & Certified

A_Use your list of “wants” and “don’t want”. 
Remember Step #1, which was to identify what you really wan’t to apply for.
In order to define what kind of Training you will need to get, first go to Indeed or LinkedIn and find a couple of job offers that really sound like your future “dream job”. 
In the job requirements, look at the skills, knowledge or certification that you don’t have yet. 
This is what you want to improve and what the training will need to prepare you for.

B_Look online at the different offers…
Compare the different training programs offers online:
– What are their features? Do they offer “more” than just training material (individual job support for example)?
– How do the provider’s network sound? Do they work with well-known companies in the industry, are they recognized globally?
– Do they issue a certification that you can use in your CV? Will recruiters know about this certificate?
– What’s the cost and the length of the program? Is it online or in-person?

– Is there free material available online? (YouTube videos, free webinars via CRO websites, downloadable white papers, etc). If yes, these personal findings can be a good “addition” to a more robust and consistent training program. This will help you feel more confident about your topic to read and learn from different sources. 
Keep a folder with all the useful learning material you find.

… and put a recap file together. 
When comparing training programs, it can be a good idea to create a quick spreadsheet with these criteria, with 1 column = 1 training company.
This way, you can identify which training is the most comprehensive, has the best value (quality and quantity of content and support provided VS price), and fits your needs the most.

C_Ask friends and colleagues
Ask around! Did your friends follow a training program and would they recommend it. 
Many companies have referral systems in place and this way, you might find a friend who has a promo code for you or who can personally introduce you to the training company.

D_ Ask your own company
Your company might be able to support you. Either they will have their own training system and internal resources to get you up to speed and support your career goal ; or they could redirect you to an external training organization that they would recommend or already work with. Set up a quick meeting with your manager in the first place to ask about it.

Note: of course, only ask your company if your professional project aligns with what they do – otherwise, this will be an obvious signal that you are planning to leave soon.

E_ Call a representative at the training organization
Training platforms often have a team to support participants and answer their questions live. 
Do not hesitate to contact them before you pick a given training program, to check if the program you found really is a good fit for you.

Let us help
With VIARES, you can book a 15-min call (free) with one of our representatives to discuss your background, current goal and see if one of the training programs could help you. 
We will explain what’s included in the program, how it works and how much exactly the fees are, so that you know what to expect from it and what kind of jobs you can apply for at the end of the training.

In terms of the certifications, our training programs give GCP (Good Clinical Practice), VIARES certificate, as well as ELKA (Entry Level Knowledge Assessment, for our CRA course) certification from ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals). Which means, all our graduates are not only trained, but also certified and ready for specific jobs in the industry.

Tomorrow, we will send you advice for Step #3: Have the Best CV, and don’t forget to network.


No better time than now

There is no better time than “right now” to grow your Clinical Research Career as there are tremendous needs for talented and trained new employees in Europe, Canada and the USA currently.

If you go for a VIARES Training program, we will not only train you on a job.
We will get you certified. We will also support you with our job services, exclusive to VIARES participants.

You will get coached by experienced recruiters and you will gain access to exclusive job offers offered by our partner companies (prestigious global CROs, large Pharma Staffing Companies, etc.)