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In case you have no experience with Clinical Research at all, we recommend taking the free “Clinical Research Starter”, which you can extend with the “Clinical Research Foundation” program if you like.

If you want to start a career as “Clinical Trial Assistant”, we recommend the CTA Academy.

If you have already some clinical research work experience and want to develop into a Clinical Research Associate, go for the CRA Academy.

If you want to go deeper on some areas, we recommend reviewing our focused programs, i.e. Data Management for CRAs.

You can start at any time and even progress through the modules on your own speed.

We know in the early days of a career every extra spending is a problem. We therefore split the total cost of the training in two parts with smaller amounts to make it affordable. We offer one of the most qualitative and cost-effective programs.

This allows you to complete the Academy programs at your own speed, be it in a month or in one year. You can always access all material and participate in all live webinars during these twelve months. Even if you started a CRA job already and have questions, come back and discuss them with your instructor.

Is it compulsory to attend the live webinars, considering that they take place during the week?

More and more entry level roles now require some work experience and/or relevant training for CRAs, so our Academy will help bridging this step. 

The rate might be a bit early as we are also quite new, but we have participants in CROs and in Pharma started their jobs after the academy. We know from feedback, that 89.7% see a positive impact on their career outlook by attending our Academy.

We provide a couple of career services, i.e. partner with staffing agencies for consulting, matching with potential employers and resume checks. Furthermore, we work with CROs directly and collect globally entry level roles for our participants, currently about 80+ and growing.

No, as we provide the services to our community for free. But you can sign up for any program, including free programs, and then access our career services.

Each program consists of one or more modules. Each Module contains E-Learnings, Assignments, Tests and live and recorded webinars.

Step 1: Every module starts with the micro courses.

You have access to your e-learning on our Learning Management System. Work through the micro programs to learn about the topics. You need to review the full micro program and need to complete all micro courses to get access to the knowledge check.

Step 2: Post your questions, topics and practical examples before the webinar.

Use the chat area called “Questions and topics for the live webinar”.

Step 3: Join the Live webinar

During the webinar of the module, you will be recapping the e-learning content and have the chance to discuss live all questions and practical examples with your expert instructors. Click on “Live Webinar” and join with your Adobe Connect credentials we sent you.

Step 4: Complete your Assignment

With the learnings of the previous steps, you then can close out the module by completing your assignment. Access instructions and upload your homework in the folder “Assignment”. Your instructor will provide feedback in your Learning Management System account.

Step 5: Knowledge Check

To finish your module, complete the respective Knowledge Check for the modules where available. You have unlimited attempts and need to achieve a score of at least 80% to positively conclude the knowledge check.

Step 6: Print your Certificate

After successful completion of all steps, you can view and print your certificate for each module. At the end of the ACADEMY, you will be able to get your overall certificate.

Each module will take about 5 to 10 hours in total to complete

The assignments vary – from some extra free/online certificates to analysis of study related information, to creating specific study documents

We are varying dates and times over the year to allow for participants from all time zones to connect in. Please check information on the website and in the learning management system.

Do I have to participate in the live webinars to complete my program?

No. We recommend taking advantage of the live discussions with our instructors and other participants from a learning perspective. If you have a question, but cannot join the live webinar, post them upfront and the instructor will discuss it in the next webinar. You can then listen to the recording for your answer.

We test you per each module, as we believe in immediate learning and feedback. The “knowledge-check” needs to be completed with 80% positive answers to successfully conclude the module. And you can only start the next module if you have completed the current.

Our Academy is based on an IAOCR accredited training and includes a GCP certification from Global Health Network.

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