Clinical Research Training & Jobs - VIARES and ACRP Certificates
Clinical Research Training & Jobs - VIARES and ACRP Certificates
Clinical Research Training & Jobs - VIARES and ACRP Certificates
You get exclusive benefits for members. Please check the training page for details.
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We offer a simple payment schedule to cover the full program fee:
  1. a one-time payment, or
  2. three monthly payments, please see the training details. All monthly payments will be due on the 3r of the month during the payment plan.

One attempt of the VIARES Exam is free, the fee for any additional attempt is €49.90.

No. We treat all our participants equal and provide all the same exam setup.

Each program consists of multiple modules. Each Module contains E-Learnings, Assignments, Tests and live and recorded webinars.

This depends on the program you select, please review the Talent Program information.

Our trainings range from 50 to over 150 hours in total. Please see the training pages.

We are varying dates and times over the year to allow for participants from all time zones to connect in. Please check information on the website and in the Academy LMS after you have signed up.

You do benefit from the interaction with other participants and the instructors, and it provides to your final grade, but it is not compulsory.

The assignments vary – from some extra free/online certificates to analysis of study related information, to creating specific study documents.

In some of the programs we test you per each module, please check the Academy LMS for details.

The program comes with GCP certifications and the VIARES Academy Certificate. The CRA Talent Program also includes the option to obtain the Entry-Level-Knowledge-Assessment (ELKA) certificate from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

Upon graduation from the CRA Talent Program you can enroll for a free one-year membership with Association of Clinical Research Professionals. During the membership you have full access to all ACRP membership services, i.e. additional free training material. All membership benefits, policies and procedures apply.  These may be viewed at:

More and more entry level roles now require some work experience and/or relevant clinical research training. Our Academy will help bridging this step. We are actively promoting you with our industry partners like.

You can complete the and training course without additional cost. What we charge individually are:

  • a download of the online learning material if you choose to do so
  • service fee of €19.90 for any failed payments of a monthly payment plan
  • service fee of €19.90 for any change of the training course (i.e. change from Clinical Research Associate to Study Start Up Specialist)
  • change of payment method, i.e. changing your credit card we charge €1 to enable the payment method and will refund it after the next successful payment