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CROs are facing a real challenge to attract and retain CRAs and often lack the organizational capability and financial resources to train new CRAs and CTAs internally or to purchase external training.

Our turnkey Academy supports your operational teams and your financial resources. It is more efficient than other solutions and scales.

The VIARES ACADEMY can be aligned to client needs. We incorporate additional content, i.e. existing client training elements and develop client specific elements to drive your talent pipeline.

Providing On-demand highly-qualified new CRA and CTA talent, we give you a completely new internal and external clinical research talent pipeline.

Internship Program US and EU

CLINAWE – Awesome Clinical Research Talent Program

Interview our CLINAWE graduates for clinical research internship roles or more – for free. 

VIARES Turnkey Services

LIFT – Train your employees with our academy

Let your employees participate in our open enrollment ACADEMY programs to be trained as CRA or CTA. Your staff can start the academy any time and complete it at their own pace. The training content is ready for them today. They can join our regular webinars with industry expert instructors to discuss real-life cases or listen to recordings of previous sessions. After successful completion they can obtain their ACADEMY certificate.

RISE – Hire early talent trained by VIARES, certified by ACRP

We source awesome new talent for clinical research roles for you, based on your profiles. We train them on an industry accepted competency and skill level. You hire them during or post training. We take your cost per hire down.

Client Specific Services

FUSE – outsource parts or the whole of your training

Provide your own branded development program through us. Drive your employer attractiveness, while we do the work for you. Leverage our ACADMEY to drive cost per trainee down.

The VIARES ACADEMY can be aligned to client needs. We can incorporate additional content, i.e. existing client training elements, and develop client specific elements to drive your internal CRA and CTA talent pipeline.

We make it YOUR training academy.

Your Value of VIARES

Aligned our program design to meet the industry standards. We are covering all aspects of the CRA role according to international competency frameworks. The program is compliant with the comprehensive competency frameworks of the key global industry organizations. It provides ICH GCP E6 (R2) training recognized by the industry.

You gain the benefit of a global scalable training program. No matter if you want to train 1 or 100 participants.


All elements of our program are designed and delivered by industry experts with operational experience and years of training experience. We connect content with experience to bring our participants day-to-day experience in context of the learning. During the program learning progress is controlled through knowledge checks.

How we align to your individual needs:


All standard competencies have been translated into modules with clear objectives and learning outcomes.


The VIARES ACADEMY consists of eight basic modules for covering the key competencies for the CRA and CTA role. We can add specific modules on client request, i.e. any localized regulatory requirements, client specific SOPs, Therapeutic Area content, etc. VIARES can incorporate existing client’s training elements or design new modules on client request.


All modules are split into micro courses. As example, Module 3 is split into “Patient Safety and the Informed Consent Process” and “Clinical Monitoring and Adverse Events”. We can add specific micro courses to each module on client request.


We use our own LMS built on the Moodle platform, which is one of the most common platforms used by universities, therefore familiar to many of our participants. Clients can be provided with a branded LMS for better brand recognition.

All basic standard training is covered. We offer a pool of readily available CRAs and CTAs for placement, hence reducing sourcing time and cost. Only the cost for internal training remains with you. Your cost saving can be up to 60%.

Most of your training cost is outsourced and converted to variable cost.

Based on the growing pool of Academy graduates, we have a pool of candidates for placement. This reduces bench-time for the CRO, allowing for faster backlog conversion.

We provide CROs with qualified candidates.  Our candidates will have degrees in the life sciences, up to two years clinical research work experience, and industry aligned training in Europe and the US.

CRA requirements: University degree in life sciences or natural sciences, and at least two years related clinical research or study site work experience in roles like, Clinical Trial Assistants, Study Site Coordinator, Project Associate, Data Specialist, TMF Coordinator, Study Nurse, or similar.

CTA requirements: University degree in life sciences or natural sciences, or at least one year work experience in the medical or clinical field.

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