Clinical Research Micro Programs


What are the VIARES Clinical Research Micro Programs?

Our Clinical Research Micro Programs are a great opportunity for talents who are eager to get bite size information and training and not want to go for a full training program. VIARES provides you an expert designed and delivered online micro program covering some of the key competencies you will need for most of the top entry level roles in clinical research.


The Clinical Research Micro Programs take between 5 and 10 hours each and include:

  • e-learning
  • practice
  • pre-recorded webinars
  • tests
  • certificates

You have immediate access to your learning material and can progress at your own time and speed.

Successfully complete the Micro Program Test to obtain your VIARES Certificate.

Clinical Trial Design & Clinical Research Roles and Responsibilities

Understand the design features of a clinical trial and the roles and responsibilities in trials.

Clinical Monitoring
Adverse Events

Enables learners to identify adverse events according to the ICH guidelines.

Patient Protection and
the Informed Consent

Provides an understanding of the patient information and informed consent process.

From Medicines Development to Clinical Research

Understand the connection between medicinal development and clinical research.

The Investigational Medicinal Product Management

Understand the key aspects of investigational medicinal product management.

Regulatory Environment in the EU and USA

Understand the the significance of regulatory requirements and the regulatory systems in the USA and EU.

Expert instructors​

Eric Klaver VIARES Clinical Research Associate Training Expert Instructor
Eric Klaver
Gabriele Disselhoff VIARES Clinical Research Associate Training Expert Instructor
Gabriele Disselhoff
Gavin Chait VIARES Clinical Research Associate Training Expert Instructor
Gavin Chait
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