Clinical Research Project Management

Training and more

The VIARES Clinical Research Project Management program is more than just training.

We aim to improve employability as Clinical Research Professionals for our participants. Our setup enables participants to complete their program next to a full-time job or in a focused effort. On successful completion of this program graduates will have acquired knowledge, skills and competencies to start as Clinical Project Manager, Study Lead or similar.

Enjoy all our services during your program enrollment. 

  • modules including
    • e-learnings
    • assignments
    • knowledge checks
  • VIARES ACADEMY certificate
  • GCP certification
  • modules including
    • e-learnings
    • assignments
    • knowledge checks
  • VIARES ACADEMY certificate
  • GCP certification
  • Talent Profile to connect you with open jobs
  • Talent Days to connect with our industry partners and learn about career opportunities
  • Talent Portal to apply for posted jobs available to the Talent Program Community


The VIARES Clinical Research Project Management program consists of nine consecutive modules. You will complete the following learning activities:

  • review the e-learning
  • submit the assignment
  • take the module test
  • join the live instructor-led webinars
  • take the final exam

Successfully complete all activities to obtain your VIARES ACADEMY certificate.

  • Get familiar with project management terminology.
  • Define project success criteria.
  • Set up project phases correctly.
  • Choose fitting tools to manage a project.
  • Communicate efficiently while managing a project.
  • Understand typical differences between the PM’s role depending on the company type.
  • Understand the stakeholder landscape.
  • Analyse stakeholders.
  • Identify key stakeholders.
  • Communicate successfully with different stakeholders choosing adequate style, frequency, and the level of detail.
  • Understand the project external and internal environment.
  • Assess how the environmental factors affect the project.
  • Define requirements to make the project a success story.
  • Define the project scope.
  • Build a strong project definition.
  • Obtain the approval for your project definition.
  • Differentiate risks, constraints, and issues.
  • Identify project risks and decide on a suitable primary response strategy.
  • Analyse project risks in three dimensions – likelihood, impact, and detectability.
  • Quantify risks and calculate the Risk Priority Number.
  • Optimise conditions for high risks.
  • Monitor risks and keep them under control.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your risk management process.
  • Understand the regulatory framework for risk management in clinical studies.
  • Apply general risk management principles and procedures on clinical projects.
  • Develop the Clinical Risk Management Plan.
  • Use adequate tools to manage clinical study risks efficiently.
  • Communicate effectively with functional teams to manage clinical study risks successfully.
  • Identify key stages of a project.
  • Analyse whether something is missing for a successful delivery (gaps).
  • Plan how to bridge the gaps.
  • Assign responsibilities to your team members.
  • Develop the clinical study budget.
  • Prepare a detailed realistic plan (baseline schedule) of the project including milestones, critical path, work breakdown, and allocated resources.
  • Use a well-designed baseline schedule to measure progress and manage the project in the execution phase.
  • Monitor study progress.
  • Identify early signs of the project falling behind or going astray compared to the plan.
  • Apply measures to keep the project on track.
  • Apply measures to maintain GCP and regulatory compliance.
  • Control study costs and handle out-of-scope requests.
  • Manage and support your team during audits and inspections.
  • Manage CAPA plans effectively and efficiently.
  • Contribute to the timely development of the CSR.
  • Avoid project drift by proper planning, strong management, and clear communication.
  • Set project completion criteria and produce an adequate Project Acceptance Checklist.
  • Lead the close-out meeting.
  • Evaluate the project – what went well, what went wrong and why, derive lessons learnt.

Program Dates​

We recommend to join the kick-off webinar, where we provide guidance and tips on how to best take the program.


until January 17, 2021

first come – first serve




Kick-Off Webinar &

Access to Program opens

January 18, 2021

START: 17:30 CET

END: 18:30 CET

BLOCK 1 Live Webinar

January 31, 2021

START: 15:00 CET

END: 18:00 CET

BLOCK 2 Live Webinar

February 13, 2021

START: 15:00 CET

END: 18:00 CET

BLOCK 3 Live Webinar

February 27, 2021

START: 15:00 CET

END: 18:00 CET

BLOCK 4 Live Webinar


March 13, 2021

START: 15:00 CET

END: 18:00 CET

BLOCK 5 Live Webinar


March 27, 2021

START: 15:00 CET

END: 18:00 CET

Close Out Live Webinar


April 03, 2021

START: 15:00 CET

END: 18:00 CET

Exam Opens

March 27, 2021


Information can be subject to change without notice.

Expert instructor

Kamila Novak

Who should attend

This program is designed for people experienced in clinical studies who wish to advance their career as Clinical Project Managers.

Is this academy right for me? We are happy to help you make the right decision.
Email us at and we will contact you.

Typical jobs with this skills

You could apply for jobs like:

  • Clinical Research Project Management
  • Clinical Study Lead and similar 

Affordable and flexible

Our Programs come at very affordable cost wherever you are in your career.

Nonmember: EUR 499 net | Member: EUR 399 net

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Our Programs come at very affordable cost wherever you are in your career.

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