Get Your Dream Job in Clinical Research - The 5 Steps You Need to Follow

Thank you for your interest in our Guide to Get Your Dream Job. 

Picture yourself in your dreamed work environment: what’s the role like? What does the company look like?

This is a good start.

Today, we are giving you the general structure that you should keep in mind for approaching new jobs. 

Browsing around on LinkedIn and applying randomly without the proper preparation and without tweaking your CV accordingly won’t get you that job. It will take some efforts, but believe us – it’s worth it!

So, here are the right steps, in the right order:
1. Set clear goals = Save time in the future.
2. Get properly trained for the job you want.
3. CV, CV, CV! Workd hard on your CV, and don’t forget to network.
4. Ace Your Interview. This is your time, own it. 
5. Negotiate. Make sure you get what you deserve. This is forgotten by most candidates.

To make this Guide more condensed, and now that we’ve announced the different “chapters”, we will send you more details from tomorrow onward.

One day, one new chapter – That’s all for today! 

In the meantime, you can save the below infographics in your favorite files, set it as your desktop wallpaper if you want to go the extra mile, or even print it, old school style. 

Keep these steps in mind to achieve your goal – we didn’t include Step 5 here, because if you reach step 5, it means that you already got a first offer. 

Stay tuned,


PS. If you feel stuck in your job search and want to know more on how we can help at VIARES, please feel free to book a 15 minute call with us.


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