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You want to start your career in clinical research? VIARES will get you ready.

Why to become a CRA today:

    • the clinical research industry grows 6-8% per year
    • the global CRA talent pool grows 4-5%
    • 1 of 4 CRA hires is an early talent hire
    • starting salaries from €35.000 in Europe and US$75.000 in the USA
    • promotions to come within 2-3 years into professional levels
    • taking salaries up to about €45.000 in Europe and US$95.000 in the USA

You want to start your career in clinical research?

We train you on relevant skills for the key jobs the industry is hiring.

Check the VIARES Programs:

  • Clinical Research Fundamentals
  • Study Start Up Specialist
  • Clinical Trials Contract Specialist
  • Clinical Research Data Scientist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
Join the VIARES Talent Community with over 800 talents on 5 continents and over 50 countries. Get exclusive benefits.

VIARES gets you ready.

We train you on some of the most needed skills and job roles:

  • Fundamentals of Clinical Research
  • Clinical Trials Assistant
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Study Start Up Specialist
  • Clinical Trials Contract Specialist
  • Clinical Research Data Scientist

You want to start your career in clinical research? VIARES will get you ready.
We train you on core industry competencies. While you improve your skills, we improve your personal candidate brand and help you build strong application documents. When you are ready to apply for your dream job, we will connect you with decision makers in our network and opportunities from our partners. Check our programs.

Until June 30, 2020 we provide 100 complimentary professional memberships places.  Sign up an enjoy all benefits without a member fee for a full year. We have 83 places left.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can VIARES help me start my clinical research career?

Yes! As many entry-level roles require work experience and/or relevant clinical research training, our Viares Academy will make you a strong, employable candidate.

As a result, most of our graduates get a role within a CRO (Contract Research Organization), SMO (Site Management Organization), and Biopharma..

Learn more from our graduates via our Community Page.

Who should attend?

The VIARES programs are designed for talents with a life science or pharma degree and/or a first work experience in biopharma, clinical research…etc.

Our programs do not necessarily require previous clinical research work experience. 

View some of our graduates’ profiles via our VIARES LinkedIn Page.

Do I get certified for clinical research?

Yes – upon completion, all our training course programs offer a GCP official certification, plus our VIARES Academy certification. 

Our flagship program, the CRA Talent Program, also gives you the possibility to obtain the ELKA certificate from ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals).

In order to get certified, you will take an exam at the end of the program when you feel ready to test your new knowledge and skills.

This certification is a powerful tool for your job search because you can add it to your CV and use it as a way to convince recruiting managers that you have the right skillset for a specific clinical research position.

What are the VIARES Program fees?

We offer 3 kind of programmes:

VIARES Academy Program: these are full clinical research training courses with 150-250 hours of  courses. It trains you to get up to speed for a specific, targeted job title. Cost: $ 179.90. Taking the exam comes at an extra $49.90. Example with a payment in 12 months: $14.90/month, plus $49.90 for the exam.

VIARES Micro-training Program: these programs help you boost your skills for a very specific topic. They consist of just one module of the wider VIARES Academy Programs. Cost: $24.90

VIARES Career Program: meet our top experts in Clinical Research Recruitment to discuss your objectives and define an adapted strategy together to support your job search. Cost: $49.90

May I pay a monthly fee, rather than the full amount in one shot?

Yes – simply pick your preferred option between 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly fees, at no extra cost. This is possible for all VIARES Academy Programs (full clinical research training programs).

Do the program fees depend on the duration of the program?

No, the fees are fixed regardless of the length it takes you to complete your selected clinical research training program. No rush!.

Read more on the program specific pages and our FAQs.

Contact us if you have any more questions.

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We know once the COVID-19 crisis is over, there will be increased needs to manage clinical trials, keeping patients save and study results qualitative and reliable. The industry will need you.

In support of #fightcovid19 we provide our Clinical Research Talent Program at a subsidized charge to private participants with relevant profiles in key countries.

APPLY for the Clinical Research Talent Program – 750 talents already did!

Among our participants...


apply their learning in their job


got a job in clinical research


get certified by ACRP ELKA and/or by VIARES


anticipate a career benefit

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Hear from our Graduates

About Us


Here at VIARES our mission is to help great talent to access the clinical research industry. To achieve this, we only work with industry experts to train your competencies, to get you the industry accreditation to validate your proficiency and to help you get the job you are looking for.